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Turning Your Shed Into a Usable Space

Having a place to work from home is becoming more critical than ever. And it’s not just corporate jobs. Musicians, painters, writers and other artists also need a private spot to concentrate and create. Turn your shed into a studio or home office to solve this problem. Here are some tips to get started.

Clean and insulate

One of the biggest challenges in transforming a shed into a usable space is the lack of insulation. Start by cleaning out the entire area and then adding insulation before installing paneling or drywall for a clean interior surface.

Personalize it

Your new office or studio shouldn’t be boring. It should reflect your personality and be a place where you want to work. Personalize it with furniture and art that works for how you want to use the space.

Add your workspace

What you need will depend on how you plan to utilize your shed. For example, if you are using it as a home office, you’ll need a desk and chair and a way to run electricity to the shed. You may want to consult an expert for any electrical work. If you’re using it as a studio, you’ll need a drawing table, easels and a way to store and organize your materials.

Make it practical

In the end, your shed turned office or studio should be practical for the use you intend. If you have to distract yourself by going into the main house to get items, it’s not going to be a place where you can feel productive. Find ways to organize everything you need.

Source: HomeActions

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