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How to Create a Cook’s Kitchen

A cook’s kitchen takes everything into account to ensure that you have a professional experience at home. You don’t necessarily have to invest in top-of-the-line appliances and accessories to cook like a pro. Here are some ideas for creating a cook’s kitchen in your home.

Plan an efficient layout

If you’ve ever seen a commercial kitchen, you know that everything is set up to make it efficient. Use the triangle method to make sure your stove, refrigerator and sink are easily accessed while cooking.

Choose durable surfaces

When you’re focused on creating culinary art, the last thing you should be worried about is damage to your counters. Use surface materials that won’t stain or scratch. Many professional kitchens use stainless steel, but any durable surface will work at home.

Install a large kitchen sink

If you can splurge on only one thing in your new kitchen, make that your sink. The bigger the sink, the easier it will be to do all your prep and clean up after. Choose a single vessel sink rather than having it split into two sections.

Invest in the best appliances for your budget

Not everyone will be able to buy restaurant-grade ovens or cooktops, and that’s okay. But don’t cut corners either. Review your budget and invest in the best appliances you can afford.

Make lighting a priority

Many people believe that lighting is an afterthought, but it should be a priority. Having a well-lit workspace will make it much easier to use your kitchen. If you’re starting from scratch, make lighting your first decision.

Source: HomeActions

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