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How to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

The kitchen may be where you spend the most time in your house. If you’re cooking for yourself or your family, you want to make sure your kitchen is fully functional for your needs. If you’re not feeling very efficient, what are some things you can do to change the layout for better functionality? Here are a few simple tips:

The triangle

If you talk to any ergonomic or design expert, they’ll tell you that the triangle is the best design for a kitchen. But what does that mean? The stove, sink and refrigerator should all be within a small work triangle to make prepping and cooking more efficient. But some kitchen spaces can’t be designed with this perfect model, so ensuring your layout works for you is essential.

Easy access to commonly used utensils

What’s more important is to have easy access to commonly used utensils. For example, if you need a spatula at the stove but have to cross the room to get it from a distant drawer, your kitchen could probably be more efficient. Arrange cabinet and drawer space to reflect the zones in your kitchen.

Keeping things in sight

Have you ever found a tool in the back of a cabinet or drawer that you forgot you had but could have been using all the time? It happens to everyone when it comes to kitchen organization. Anything you use regularly should be kept in sight so you don’t forget about it.

Galley versus open kitchen

While there are countless possible layouts for a kitchen, galley-style and open-concept kitchens are the two most common. A galley-style kitchen is suitable for small spaces, as it can use a long, awkward part of the house for this critical function. Other people prefer an ample, open space so they can see out to other rooms of the home. What’s most important is that you make your design work for you.

Source: HomeActions

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