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How to Choose a Paint Color You Can Live With

Not everyone loves bold or bright colors in their home, and that’s okay. When deciding what to paint a room or the exterior, how do you pick something you know you will like for a while? Here are a few tips for choosing a color you can live with:

Use sample cans

How do you know what works best in your living space with hundreds of shades of blue to choose from? Some people boldly go, and that’s fine, but others want to make sure they like the color on more than a paint swatch before getting started. It’s worth it to purchase a sample can and paint a section of your wall to compare colors under the lighting conditions in the space.

Trust your instincts

It’s okay to trust your gut. If you believe a deep burgundy will make you feel cozy and happy in your space, go for it. On the other hand, if you would be much more comfortable with shades of gray or white, don’t force yourself to live with color just because you think you should.

Embrace an inspiration piece

One way to choose a color for your space is to look at your favorite art or furniture pieces. What colors stand out? Can you use one of those colors or a complementary shade to choose paint for the room? It’s a great way to incorporate your favorite accessories into the complete design.

Follow community guidelines

Don’t try to buck the system when painting the outside of your home. If you don’t have a homeowners association, go to town with your bold color choices. But if there are covenants in place, it’s best to review the requirements and stick to them to avoid fines or long-term problems.

Source: HomeActions

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