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How To Balance Design And Safety Within The Home

You want your home to be beautiful, but you also want to feel safe there. Unfortunately, sometimes these two desires can be at odds. Putting in a full camera system can give great peace of mind, but it can also create an eyesore in terms of curb appeal. Ordinary shutters may enhance the architectural appeal, but how do they protect your windows.

Anyone who cares about both style and safety understands this dilemma. Why can’t you create a home that’s both attractive and secure? Plenty of homeowners don’t want to sacrifice either the comforts of home or the safety that they experience there — and they shouldn’t. The key is understanding how to balance security with design. Thankfully, there are several investments you can make in your home now that will naturally improve both its beauty and security.

With that in mind, here’s a look at different safety measures you can take as a homeowner, while also incorporating a strong sense of style:
Small cameras
Just because you’re putting in surveillance cameras doesn’t mean they have to draw attention. Today’s security market includes compact and wireless monitoring devices that are easy to install and don’t damage aesthetics. Additionally, strategic placement makes a huge difference: Outside, try hiding security cameras with shrubs, trees, rocks, or flower boxes. Inside, use furniture, smoke alarms, and tissue boxes. By camouflaging your security devices, you keep them from detracting from your design. 
Quality entry doors
One of the best security features for a home — a sturdy, well-fitted entry door — can also be one of its best design touches. What boots curb appeal faster than gorgeous solid-wood front doors? What makes the entryway feel more impressive? That’s why new, attractive security doors are the kind of home touch that’s worth a little extra upfront investment. They help you boost both the style and security of your residence for years to come.
Attractive fencing
Another worthwhile purchase for a beautiful, secure property is a quality fence. Whether you’re wanting to safeguard your pets or give your kids a private place to play, fencing provides the solution. But if you’re buying a new fence, why not make it one that adds to your property’s charm? Opt for fencing that looks good while enclosing your property, and you won’t regret it.
Hurricane shutters
When it comes to your home’s windows and entryways, hurricane shutters offer a lot of bang for your buck. They boost energy efficiency, safeguard your home in storms, and protect against intruders, all while enhancing the way your home looks. Give your property a tailored, polished appearance and feel safer, knowing it’s better protected. 
Good lighting
You know that old real estate tip about turning all the lights on when you schedule a showing? The truth is, lighting up your property does more than show off a home’s selling points; it also enhances security. Try sprucing up your walkways and patios with lights, and you’ll reduce your home’s vulnerability to criminals. Whether you’re adding landscaping lights, exterior house lights, recessed lighting to the living areas, or something else, when you boost tasteful illumination, you can increase both aesthetics and security.
There’s no place like home — that’s why yours is so worth protecting. When you’re choosing what additions to make to your property, prioritize purchases that will do more than provide eye candy. The examples above prove there are a lot of features that look good, as well as make home a safer space. There’s no reason to sacrifice one for the other. The best-looking home can be the safest one, too.  
Author bio: Pavao Slisko is the Marketing Coordinator for Croci North America, a manufacturer of shutters. Pavao was raised in Florida and has seen all types of hurricane damage, creating a passion for products that safeguard properties from disasters.


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