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Home Damage Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

Buying a home? Whether it’s your very first house buying experience or you’re downsizing into your retirement home, getting a full inspection is key. Carried out by professionals who know what to look for, inspections may turn up warning signs of damage. If left unaddressed before closing, these could end up costing you big down the road.

One example of a warning sign are cracks and bulging in the walls or ceiling. While small cracks are normal due to settling, larger ones or those paired with sagging ceilings may be indicative of structural damage. For instance, cracks in the wall above a doorway that appear in a step pattern could be a sign of a serious problem.

Another potential warning sign of structural damage are uneven gaps in the windows and doors. During the installation of windows and doors, the walls of a home become more vulnerable to pressure. Such pressure could lead to weakening and damage. If this happens, a few signs you or the inspector might find include doors separating from the wall, a window won’t open or close smoothly, doors won’t stay closed, and so on.

These examples of warning signs merely scratch the surface of potential problems. As you come to a close on your home buying journey, be sure to consult a licensed professional to perform an in-depth inspection of the house before the keys change hands. These specialists can also help by recommending the best approach to correcting issues as they are detected.

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