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How to De-Stress the Home-Selling Process

The home-selling process is one that I’ve discussed on a number of occasions, and for good reason- it has the potential to be lengthy, stressful, emotionally draining, and even unsuccessful. Many people avoid selling their homes for these reasons, and as a result, miss windows of opportunity in peak selling times. It’s important to be able to engage in the process with a clear head, and to stay engaged without getting overwhelmed.

Here are some steps you can take to de-stress the home selling process:

Get (and stay) clear on why you’re selling

Considering the amount of effort that it can take to sell a home, it’s important to consistently remind yourself of why you’re choosing to sell in the first place. This could be due to a desire to increase your liquid assets by downsizing your home, moving to a geographical area that’s more in-line with your preferred lifestyle, decreasing the distance between yourself and your family members, and so on. There’s no better way that I know of to keep oneself focused on achieving a goal than on remembering what it is and why you’re pursuing it.

Price it right

A great deal of the stress involved with the home-selling process is related to the sell price- wondering whether it’s too high, waiting for buyers to stream in that are in a particular price range, worrying about whether the cash from the sale will be enough to cover the purchase of a new home, and so on. Listen to the market, and try not to let your own prejudices get in the way of setting a reasonable selling price for your home.

Surf the web for buyers

Believe it or not, 92% of homebuyers start their house hunt on the internet- thus, you should make sure your home is fully exposed on the web. Start by making sure your home’s MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listing has as many clear, attractive photos as possible, while making sure your agent will list your home on an MLS in the first place, and consider looking into other sites like Craigslist.

Don’t be afraid of creative deals

In today’s market, there are seemingly endless ways to structure a home-selling deal. This could include a home sale that doesn’t cover the entirety of your mortgage debt, offering your home as a sale or lease with option to buy, easing the buyer’s credit, and so on. Look to your options as ways of getting what you ultimately want- a home sale in a reasonable timeline at a reasonable price.

Make sure the buyer can close

Before taking your home off the market, make sure your would-be buyer can close the deal by taking steps such as reading the pre-approval letter and checking the details of your potential buyer’s loan. Going in the extra mile, at least in this form, is definitely recommended.
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