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The 5 biggest mistakes that sellers make

There’s no question about it- selling a home is a daunting and challenging task. That being said, there’s no need to make it more painful than it already has to be by making avoidable mistakes. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes that sellers can make:

Trying to sell on their own

Of the sellers that try to sell their own homes, most do so to avoid paying agent commission fees. While this can seem appealing at first, only 8% of home sales are done so by their owner, due in large part to the fact that home sales conducted without an agent take a great deal more time and often result in more total expenses.

Failing to adequately prepare a home for sale

There are a variety of ways with which sellers fail to prepare their home for sale. This could be anything from failing to remove noxious odors (smoke, pets, etc.) to household clutter. Taking the time to prepare your home for a sale will pay tremendous dividends, and is almost universally agreed by agents to be a necessity for a quick and highly-grossing sale.

A lack of etiquette

At showings, potential buyers get a feel for the home they’re visiting and are able to imagine themselves living there. By refusing to leave the home, or lurking in the background as buyers, sellers fail to allow potential buyers to truly imagine the home as their own. If you’re engaged in the home-selling process, put in the extra effort and follow proper etiquette.

An excess of social media

If you talk to agents about home sellers’ social media usage, most will note that sellers have a tendency to vent about the selling process or share incorrect listing information. Don’t let this be you- avoid sharing inaccurate or unpleasant information about your efforts to sell your home!


Sellers have a tendency to either believe that their house is worth more than the market suggests or that a low commission is likely to save them money. It’s quite common for sellers to aggressively turn down offers, only to have to settle for a lower offer further down the road.
Source: Inman

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