Increase Your Chances of Selling in the Summer

Happy summer! This exciting season is well-known for being the best for hosting barbecues, going to pool parties, and taking trips- but did you know that it’s also the ideal time to sell your home

Most people try to spend their summers relaxing, but it may be difficult to do so if you have a home to sell. To increase your chances of making the sale this season, check out these tips:

Find the problems

Once you have a buyer, you’ll have a home inspection done. But why wait? Find those hidden problems now and save yourself a headache. You can do this through a pre-list home inspection. Once the inspector makes a list of problems with your home, have a conversation with your agent about what should be fixed, based on what issues could impede a deal.

Bring in the sun

Show buyers just how sunny your home is. First, free up space by getting rid of clutter. Next, put flowers or fruit on display and make sure your curtains are an increase in natural light. Use bright accents or nautical undertones. Make sure your home’s exterior looks inviting by dusting off the outdoor furniture and sprucing up the yard. Finally, make sure your AC will run well so your buyers can cool down when they step inside.

Price fairly

You don’t want to undervalue your home, nor do you want to deter buyers with a high listing price. Talk to your agent about a comparative market analysis to best price your home. That’ll give you the best idea of what price your home will likely go for.

Pick your team

An agent does the bulk of the work when it comes to selling your home. Because you’ll be leaning on them a lot, make sure you have the right person working with you.

Source: Dave Ramsey

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