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Upgrade Your Home for Retirement Comfort

Approaching retirement? Dealing with mobility challenges at home? It’s time to consider some smart upgrades. Whether you’re renovating, downsizing, or opting for a custom remodel, certain features can greatly enhance your golden years. Here’s a look at key upgrades to make your home safer and more comfortable.

Let’s start with the bathroom, a crucial space for senior living. Given its high risk for slips and falls, it’s essential to create a safer environment. Think about installing a walk-in tub or a curbless shower with space for a chair. These changes make bathing easier and reduce the risk of accidents. Adding grab bars and handrails further enhances safety.

Other bathroom upgrades include nonslip floor tiles, raised toilet seats for comfort, and lever-style faucets for easier use. These modifications improve accessibility as mobility decreases with age.

Improving lighting is also essential for safety. Diminished vision increases the risk of falls, so opt for brighter yet indirect lighting to minimize hazards. LED bulbs offer longevity and energy efficiency.

Consider rocker-type light switches, night lights in key areas, and under-cabinet lighting for added convenience. Maximizing natural light with larger windows or skylights can also boost mood and well-being.

With a growing population of seniors, there’s a demand for age-friendly home features. Allocate resources to make your home adaptable to aging challenges and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

For more tips on designing your retirement home, check out the added resource.

Infographic provided by Horseshoe Bay custom home builders, McKay Vassaur Custom Builders


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