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Turn Your Attic Into a Comfortable Living Space

Attic spaces aren’t just for storing those creepy dolls that come alive in horror movies. The right attic space can make a great living space for your family. Whether you turn your attic into an extra bedroom or you transform the space into a hangout spot, it’s time to elevate your attic.

Here are a few things you need to know if you want to convert your attic into a suitable living space.

Permits and building codes

Before starting any work on your attic, you must check with your city or county regarding the local building codes and permits. You will need to take into consideration several factors, including the ceiling height and egress, before you transform your attic. Therefore, information about permits and building codes is part of the critical first step of transforming your attic.

Check the heating, cooling, and ventilating

Most attic spaces aren’t already ducted for heating and cooling, so that is something you’ll need to address. The best way to do so is to call an expert. The professionals will inform you of your options, though there are often multiple routes to take. For instance, you can install a mini-split instead of having to upgrade your entire furnace system. Talk to professionals who work in the heating and cooling industry to find out what will work best for your attic.

Deep clean

Before you conduct any work, you’ll need to clean the attic. Since these spaces are often raw and unventilated, a lot of dirt and debris can easily collect in the attic. Going through the attic with a fine-toothed comb will help you plan ahead and begin to envision what the finished room will look like.

Install electricity

Most attics don’t come equipped with electrical outlets. Due to this fact, you’ll want to call a professional electrician to help you with the installation process. Doing so will ensure that the installation is up to code. Work with the professionals to plan the number of electrical outlets that you’ll need when making your attic a comfortable living space.

Prioritize the subfloor

We’ve all seen photos of people crashing through the drywall of their ceilings. Since attics usually are built with nothing more than rafters, you’ll want to install a subfloor before finishing the rest of the space. This is a very important safety measure that must be prioritized.

Choose the finishes

Once you have completed the construction-related steps of the attic renovation process, you can start thinking about the rest of the new space, including how you plan to furnish the room. Other decisions to make include the type of flooring, drywall, lighting, and other features that will convert your attic into a bedroom, recreational room, or additional space.

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