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Top 5 Home Remodeling Trends for 2016


People have been remodeling homes for as long as there have been homes to remodel, and it’s no secret that homes from different periods are in-line with different styles. It was common to see ‘80s homes with a great deal of emphasis on white, whereas homes in the ‘60s had a variety of colored tabletops and large, rounded lights (especially in bathrooms). This doesn’t apply to every house in those time periods, but the trends fit many homes that were built.

Remodeling trends continue to influence homeowners, even today, and it’s important to know what’s “in style” if you want your house to be appealing to buyers down the road. Here are the top 5 home remodeling trends for 2016:

Low Maintenance, High Design

On a recently published list of the most desirable home features, low maintenance was a significant factor for 18-35 year olds. Beauty, on the other hand, will almost always occupy the top position in such a list. As a result, many potential buyers are looking to live in beautiful, yet low-maintenance, homes.

Luxury Appliances Increase in Popularity

Signature Kitchen Suite, a new line of super-premium home appliances, was launched this year, marking a trend towards luxury appliances in the kitchen and laundry room. Other brands are surfacing in the high-quality appliance space, such as Bertazzoni and LG, though it’s tough to call which is the best buy for homeowners.

Restaurant Features

With GE unveiling its new Monogram Pizza Oven and Kalamazoo offering a Smoker Cabinet, many companies are meeting enormous demand for restaurant-style features with new, innovative products. I’m especially excited to see how this trend will impact home prices, as not all features will be appealing to buyers.

Virtual Reality Remodeling

While Lowe’s Holoroom is the most mainstream example, many companies are now developing virtual reality systems which allow homeowners to virtually walk through their planned redesigned spaces, saving a great deal of stress and risk that usually comes along with the process of remodeling.

Innovations in Water Conservation

Despite the fact that drought conditions have eased up in parts of the country, the market for water-saving products continues to surge in activity. Products such as smart water heaters, atmospheric water generators, and low-flow steam washers are coming into the market, all of which have the capacity to dramatically reduce users’ carbon (or water) footprint.


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