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Indoor And Outdoor Home Decor Trends in 2021

The past year saw a surge in home remodels and updates as homeowners reimagined the spaces they were suddenly spending much more time in. More than half of homeowners invested more in home-related purchases in 2020 compared to the prior year.

That rush to renovate is continuing this year. If you’re planning to revamp your home, here are some of the top home decor trends, and a few that are on their way out.

Large wooden surfaces

More homeowners are embracing wood surfaces, and especially looking to incorporate sustainable materials. One of the things I have noticed is that everything needs to be able to be built in wood. I’m seeing people installing treated wood on countertops in bathrooms, as well as beautiful wooden floors.

Boho gallery wall

A gallery wall showcases artwork and collectibles in a cohesive way. While the concept isn’t new, there is a twist gaining popularity: a boho gallery wall.

This type of gallery wall is defined by variety, bringing together pieces for an organic feel as if someone collected the items over the course of their life, along with boho elements like delicate flowers or natural wood carvings.

Gallery walls will remain popular because they are an easy way to decorate a large blank space on the wall. Creating a boho feel to the arrangement can reflect your multidimensional personality.

Outdoor inspiration

The same organic theme of a boho gallery wall is also cropping up throughout the home, with homeowners looking for ways to align decor with the outdoors.

This can include neutral, earthy tones, potted plants or even a skylight. The biggest design trend for 2021 is going to be bringing the outside in. After a year spent mostly indoors while working from home and social distancing, people seem to be craving fresh, green spaces more than ever. Natural materials like cotton, bamboo, seagrass and jute also reflect this trend.

Warm-colored cabinetry

A bright, airy kitchen with white or off-white cabinetry has been the dominant aesthetic in recent years, but cabinetry in warmer tones is making a comeback, especially in the luxury space.

Kitchens seem to be trending more and more away from the all-white kitchen. We are seeing more warm-colored cabinetry, with tones like Hague Blue coupled with a white or gray stone countertop and gold-colored hardware.

Bolder colors and patterns

The design warmup isn’t just limited to cabinetry. Homeowners are also adopting warmer, brighter color palettes in general, including through design elements like patterned wallpaper.

Jewel tones are in right now. Patterns are in right now. People want color. Grays and muted neutrals are out. Wallpaper is very in style.

The trend is emerging in the kitchen, especially — think painted cabinets, a brightly colored island or a bold backsplash.

Source: Bankrate

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