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How to Organize Your Linen Closet

For many families, linen closets become catch-all spots for much more than just sheets and towels. We keep paper products, extra toiletries and other household supplies in them. So how can you make them more organized so everything is easy to find? Here are some tips to get you started:

Clean and purge

It’s easy for things to get stuck in the back of a closet if you don’t use them every day. Before you organize your space, you’ll need to give it a deep clean and purge. Are there old sheets and towels that are too ratty to use? Are there cleaners or bathroom products you’ve had for far too long? Toss them and start over. Cleaning supplies don’t expire like food, but their chemicals can become inert over time.

Install adjustable shelves

If you can, install adjustable shelves in your linen closet. This can help you keep the space organized as you can adjust shelving to fit your items rather than trying to put things wherever they’ll go. There are many closet organizing systems to choose from, any of which can keep your closet much neater.

Fold sheets and towels efficiently

To maximize space, be sure to fold your sheets and towels efficiently. Experiment with space-saving ways to fold or roll your bath towels, hand towels and sheets. Make sure to be consistent so that you can stack each type of item neatly.

Use clear bins

For smaller items, like extra bathroom items or cleaning products, invest in clear bins so you can see what you have when you need it. This will prevent you from digging around to find what you’re looking for and from putting things back in the wrong places.

Add a fresh scent

Unused sheets and towels can begin to smell a little musty if they’re not regularly used. You can prevent this by using a fresh scent in your linen closet. Lavender or cedar sachets are an excellent choice to help you keep your linens smelling fresh every time you pull them out.

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