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How to Maximize Your Kitchen Lighting

Have you ever struggled because of your kitchen lighting? Is it hard to read recipes or do homework at the counter? If so, it might be time to update the lighting in your kitchen space. But what are your options, and do you have to hire an electrician to help? Luckily, there are many great products, including several you can do yourself.

Replace Your Overhead Lights

Consider swapping out your current overhead kitchen lights for a fresh look. Older incandescent bulbs do not put out as many lumens, (the measurement for light) as newer forms of light can.  They also tend to be energy hogs. So, if you have older kitchen lighting, consider replacing it with a fixture that feature CFL or LED bulbs.

Install Task Lighting

Consider adding task lighting if the lighting is dim over the spaces where you work the most. A light over your counter or stove can help you see better when cooking. As an added benefit, more light also enables you to keep things cleaner.

Use LED Strips or Pucks

If you don’t want to invest in light installation, many fabulous DIY options are available now. You can buy inexpensive LED strips or Puck Lights that are easy to install. Most of these lights can be installed with adhesive designed to be removable. You can even play with colored lighting to change the mood.

Use Reflective Surfaces

Another tip for maximizing the lighting in your kitchen is to use reflective surfaces. For example, stainless steel appliances reflect more light than white or black appliances. Chrome fixtures are also a good option for maximizing your lighting. You can even hang a mirror instead of art in your kitchen to help reflect light throughout the room.

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