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How to do a Home Office Makeover

Remote work is the norm for so many people today. Many companies have chosen not to return to the office, or they now offer a hybrid approach for employees. Working from home has become a significant perk for many people on the job market because fewer of us are interested in returning to an office. While we all rushed into designing our home offices, now we can take the time to give them a makeover to boost productivity and comfort.

Organize With a Console or Cabinets

Books, files, papers and supplies can become cluttered very quickly. Even if you want your office streamlined, invest in consoles with drawers or cabinets that can be kept closed so your office supplies are organized but hidden away.

Create a Comfortable Seating Area

Sitting at a desk can cause a lot of fatigue throughout the day. And sure, getting up to go for a walk or take a break is a great way to get your energy flowing. But sometimes you need a change of perspective. If you have room in your office, create a comfortable seating area to read or work.

Choose the Best Desk and Chair

Don’t skimp on your desk and chair because you work from home. Sitting in a kitchen chair won’t help your back, and you want a desk that offers enough space for the kind of work you do. For example, a small writing desk won’t be a good fit if you need a large computer with multiple monitors. Make your office work for you rather than just accepting what you have.

Utilize Inboxes and Desk Organizers

The surface areas of offices can become quite cluttered when you’re working. To avoid stacks of papers and notebooks, invest in desk organizers where you can keep organized folders and information right at your fingertips.

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