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Do You Need a Mudroom?

What are mudrooms? Typically found in parts of the country where mud, rain or snow are expected, mudrooms help keep the rest of your house looking its best. They are areas, usually around back or side doors, where wet coats and muddy boots are left in order to avoid tracking water and mud throughout the house. If you’ve thought about creating a mudroom for your home, here are a few things you should know:

Hooks for coats and bags

One way to instantly declutter your house is to install hooks for coat storage. When coats and jackets are thrown over chairs or railings, the house will always look untidy. Hooks also give you and your family a place to hang coats and bags so things don’t get lost easily.

Bench for removing shoes

You can stop tracking in mud or getting your floors wet on rainy days if there’s a dedicated place to take off your shoes. If you have the room for it, add a bench that makes it easy to sit down and untie shoes so you can take them off before you walk all through the house.

Shoe mats

It’s helpful to have a rubber shoe mat. This will keep mud or snow contained so that it’s easy to clean up. Just shake the mat outside or wipe it down to keep dirt at bay. It’s also a handy place to know where shoes are so that extras can be put away when necessary.

Dog rags

If you have a dog, you know the struggle of keeping mud, rain or snow out of the rest of your house. Keep rags near the door of your mudroom so when you let your dog in after a walk or time in the yard, you can quickly wipe their paws.

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