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Create Your Own Sustainable Garden

The Food Not Lawns movement contends that growing sustainable, edible plants is better for the environment than a manicured lawn is. Many people across the country are embracing this idea. If you want to plant a garden at your house, what do you need to know to get started? Let’s take a closer look.

Food Not Lawns movement

Food Not Lawns is a grassroots movement designed to show homeowners how to grow sustainable gardens using permaculture techniques. The idea is that purely decorative lawns are not habitable for birds and bees, which make up an essential part of our ecosystem.

Choosing the right plants

The right plants for your new garden will depend on where you live because your location affects the number of seasons you get and the amount of sun you get each day. Many people choose edible gardens and plant easy-to-grow vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Educating your family

The best part about planting a garden instead of a lawn is that it can be a family activity. Maintaining a lawn is about mowing and fertilizing, which are solo activities. But planting, maintaining and harvesting a garden can be done by the whole family.

Harvesting your garden

Speaking of the harvest, if you’ve chosen to grow fruits and vegetables in your garden, you can expect great rewards. For example, you can get strawberries in the early summer, pick tomatoes all summer long and find many squash varieties ready in the fall.

Source: HomeActions

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