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Bright Ideas: 5 Lighting Options To Glow Up Your Dining Room This Winter

Winter is full of pros (yay for snow and cozy afternoons) and cons (it gets dark so dang early, and the sun is often AWOL for weeks).

With the season still in full swing, it’s no secret that an extra touch of illumination can make a world of difference during these dim months. So why not seize this opportunity to enhance your home lighting—particularly in your dining area, where you and loved ones might like to linger over a relaxing dinner?

Whether you have a casual dining room that sees lots of daily traffic—or a more formal one used primarily on weekends and special occasions—this list has something for everyone. Here are five creative lighting decor ideas from Instagram that will brighten up your dining room this season.

1. Bubble chandelier

When it comes to making a lasting impression in a modern dining room, we love this bubble chandelier from @julieneilldesigns.

“Bubble chandeliers are perfect in a contemporary home—pretty and effervescent, the bubbles instantly say fun,” says designer Pamela Nast. “This bubble fixture is also less weighty than a solid chandelier, so that it can be dramatically bigger.”

Another reason to pick this playful fixture? The soft, dreamy quality of the light it emits.

“The bubbles are illuminated when the embedded lights turn on, casting a nice diffused glow,” adds Nast.

Get the look: Enjoy your dinner under a bubblicious glow with this Royal19 Chandelier.

2. Chain pendant

A chain pendant like this one from @little_edwardian_semi is one of the best choices for a casual dining room that gets lots of use. Here’s why: Rather than being restricted by the location of the electric box, a chain pendant allows you to place the light wherever you need it.

“Chain pendant chandeliers are hands down the most flexible and forgiving overhead lighting out there,” says Nast.

But that isn’t the only reason these lights hold the title for the most user-friendly fixture.

“Chain pendants can be used in many decor styles and are available in multiple materials, from rattan to metals, cone shaped with gold linings, or simple glass in varying shapes,” says Nast. “They work best in a kitchen dining area where the table is smaller, and a more elaborate fixture would overwhelm the space.”

Get the look: Illuminate your everyday dining room table in style with this Eddy Pendant.

3. Lampshade chandelier

If your dining room is generally reserved for formal occasions rather than daily use, you might just consider a lampshade chandelier like this one from @houseof_york.

“Lampshade chandeliers are such a classic look to give a feeling of formal elegance to your space,” says designer Amanda Foster. “They come in all different shapes, sizes, and fabrics but almost always provide a warm lighting that’s very inviting.”

Want to take your lampshade chandelier to the next level?

“Consider adding a ceiling medallion to make this a bold focal point in the room,” Foster suggests.

Get the look: Create an inviting ambiance in your space with this Collins Chandelier.

4. Linear pendants

For larger dining rooms that lack a distinct wow factor, these linear glass pendants from @luxxumoderndesignlivingmight be just the fix.

“Modern linear glass chandeliers illuminate the entire table length and bathe the room in a beautiful glow where everything sparkles,” says Nast. “Because they’re more prominent in scale, they’re usually placed slightly higher than the typical chandelier, casting the light further.”

The best part about these kinds of lights? They work best alone, so you don’t have to worry about adding complicated furniture.

“As the modern, linear chandelier commands attention, the other furnishings should be simple in shape and details, with just a tight color palette,” explains Nast.

Get the look: Cast a wide glow around your dining room table with this Seven-Light Chandelier.

5. Candle sconces

If your dining room is in serious need of mood lighting, then you might just be tempted to add a few of these candle sconces from @akindofhome into your space. One word to the wise? Unless you prefer eating in the dark, you’ll need an additional light source.

“They aren’t meant to give off a lot of lighting but can finish off a space that needs wall appeal,” says Foster. “They also have a rustic appeal, making your dining room feel welcoming and grounded.”

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