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3 Camden/Burlington County Towns make the Top 20 Best Large Towns by New Jersey Family

While browsing through the news the other day, I came across a ranking that confirms my long-held beliefs about the beautiful, community-oriented towns in Camden and Burlington County. According to New Jersey Family, a publication providing valuable information to mothers in the Garden State, three large towns in Camden and Burlington County are among the top 20 best in the state: Mt. Laurel (#9), Evesham (#12), and Cherry Hill (#16). This ranking has clearly been well thought-out, given the wide array of towns throughout the state featured as the best to move into.

For those that haven’t visited Mt. Laurel, Evesham, or Cherry Hill, here are my favorite parts of each town:

Mt. Laurel

Mt. Laurel is a wonderful community in the heart of Burlington County, well known for Laurel Acres Park, its reputable school system, bus station connecting the town with Philadelphia, New York City, and Atlantic City, and numerous Summer-themed events. Despite the fact that Mt. Laurel is a large town, most would agree that it has a decidedly warm and community-oriented atmosphere. Anytime a would-be resident can find a town with the resources of a city and the culture of a small village, they can be assured that they’re looking at a great place to live.


In 1955, the U.S. Army opened the PH-32 Nike Ajax facility in Evesham, which served as one of the twelve batteries used to shield Philadelphia from aerial assault in the Cold War. As a historic town, Evesham is often looked at as a large community with rich, historical heritage, alongside its natural beauty and strong education system. For these reasons, and others, it’s no surprise that Evesham was ranked as the 12th best large town in NJ.

Cherry Hill

Personally speaking, I can’t say enough about Cherry Hill. Its public library is one of the largest in New Jersey, occupying 72,000 square feet (and yes, that does matter), it has 51 public parks, was established as a town in the 18th century, is home to the Merchantville Country Club, and is well known for its cherry blossoms on Chapel Avenue between Haddonfield Road and Kings Highway. Being a town full of rich heritage and appealing sights, it makes a great deal of sense that families are flocking to Cherry Hill in droves.

Overall, I’m quite happy to see that publications as well-known and well-liked as New Jersey Family are paying towns in South Jersey the recognition that they deserve. In Camden and Burlington County especially, potential homebuyers need look no further than communities like Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, and Evesham for a great place to settle down.

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