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2013 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

Many of the design features looking to dominate this year’s kitchen and baths trends remain classic elements, but perhaps with innovative materials and function. Here’s a look at the top trends you’ll see and the homes representing them:

3-Dividing_soft-contemporary_kitchenSoft Contemporary This is still very much a modern, contemporary look, but with softer lines, warmer color palette and organic materials incorporated throughout the look. It is a sleek, clean design combined with a casual elegance.

New Traditional The look incorporates all those elements you’re used to thinking of in traditional design: rich, natural wood tones, soft lighting and exquisite detail. Yet, these elements have been toned down. The look is sleeker, with less adornment. The overall look is well-appointed and classically stylish.


Modern .

9-Jodi_Modern_kitchenModern style is still all about clean, crisp lines and design. Neutral, monochromatic color schemes and minimal ornamentation are the key components of this stream-lined design.

Eclectic Eclectic should not be confused with sloppy, mish-mashed design. On the contrary, it takes elements from traditional and modern design and creates a warm, cohesive look. There is a mix of color, textures, materials and quite often, re-purposed materials used in unique ways. The key to smart eclectic style will rely on balance in scale, proportion, ornamentation and materials. Without such balance, a room can quickly look like a curiosity shop.

125-Commissioners-Pike_Eclectic_kitchenContrast This style is not for the timid. It requires making a bold statement. Often, color blocking will be utilized to accent walls or to highlight a signature piece of furniture. It is a mix of many elements to create a shock and wow response.

While all of these trends remain mainstay concepts, a few mentions on the elements in design you’ll see:

• Wood has seen a slight decline in demand, yet bamboo is steadily gaining in demand.

• Dark wood finishes still remain a sought after look, but “distressed” finishes are coming on strong.

• Lighting and an increased demand for energy efficiency make LED lights the contender for a design “Must Have”.

• Granite & other natural stones are still big finishes, replacing the glass block or tile backsplashes.

• Functionality & versatility are going to dominate kitchen redesigns. If your old faucet doesn’t turn on with a tap, pull out for produce washing or angle high enough for your largest pasta pot, it’s not going to rank high on the functionality & versatility tests.

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