What I Wish You Knew About Selling Your Home

There’s no magic formula for selling your home, but there are principles and methods that work. The problem lies in getting homeowners to embrace these best practices. 

Understandably, the sellers, who have lived in the home for years, consider themselves the de facto experts on the best way to present and sell their house. But this stubbornness can lead to missed opportunities and a contentious relationship with the real estate agent, who is the person in the best position to make the process go smoothly and quickly. 

Here’s what I wish you knew about selling your home:

Buyers are judging your level of cleanliness

Many sellers expect buyers to take a holistic approach during house tours, looking at the big picture and not focusing on tiny flaws. But in reality, your carefully maintained hardwood floors and updated appliances might leave less of an impression than some of the seemingly minor details you’ve overlooked.

Be prepared to go the distance

If this is the first time you’ve ever sold a home, buckle up! Although you’re hiring a professional to sell your home, there is consistent work for sellers, which tends to take its toll over time. For example, open houses and showings can get old quickly, particularly when you’re packing up the kids every Sunday and leaving the house for several hours. Having to keep the house model-home-ready can also wear you down. Being prepared to go the distance as a seller before you go to market is incredibly important if you’re hoping to walk away with a win.

You’re not the real estate agent

It’s true that no one knows your home better than you do. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily know the best way to market and sell it. Some home sellers can be a little too involved in the marketing of the home. For instance, they may want to include details about the home that they consider to be selling points—but aren’t.

Stand back and let the stager stage

As the homeowner, you probably have plenty of ideas about what looks good in your space- but you’re not an authority on staging. Hire a professional stager and get out of the way.

Yes, your home needs to be staged

It’s tempting to think your home looks good enough that staging won’t be necessary, but don’t give in to the temptation. Spending some additional time and money on staging could mean your house sells quicker and maybe for a better price. Staging can be something as simple as putting in beautiful touches and upping your decor a bit, to actually bringing in furniture or putting a fresh coat of paint in each room.

Source: Bob Vila

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