Why You Should Wait Before Renovating a New Home

It can be tempting to start renovations before or right after you move into a new house- but when it comes to expensive renovations or remodeling, you should spend some time in your new home before you start.

Even if you’re thinking that you just want to fix up a home to increase its value, it’s better to hold off. Here’s why:

Change of heart

You might think you know what you’re looking for before moving into your home, but you may end up changing your mind. You won’t know your true routines and preferences of your new home until you’re actually living in it. At the end of the day, how you go about your daily life will be the true tell of the renovations you need.

Take a rest

Buying a home is already a huge project. It can take a lot of time and certainly takes a lot out of you. So why jump into another huge project right away? Major renovations also take a lot out of both you and your wallet. Take a breath and take a break. 

Give yourself time

If renovations are done well, they take time. It means getting in touch with multiple contractors, architects, and designers. This will not only allow you to find the best price but will give you a lot more information. For instance, contractors might bring something to your attention that you hadn’t thought of. 

Another reason you’ll want to hire these professionals after some time is because it is too constraining during escrow. Don’t be lured by the possibility of having everything done before you move in: it could actually cost you more later.

Take some time to relax before making repairs. Generally, a good timeframe is 6 months to one year.

Source: Zillow

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