What to do Before a Showing

The worst thing is for a prospective buyer to walk into a house and find belongings strewn everywhere. Properties with children or pets are especially prone to this.

Sellers need to show buyers a beautiful home. Here’s everything you should do before each showing.

Dirt and dust

Sweeping is crucial: cover the kitchen, bathrooms, and foyer. But it’s not just about the floors- be sure to dust the baseboards, window sills, furniture, TVs, and computers.


Take care of the counters in your kitchen and bathrooms. Put away many of your possessions and appliances. If you’re able, setting out fresh towels is a plus.


All beds should be made and arranged in an inviting way. This includes ensuring that pillows are fluffy and plump.


Don’t leave trash sitting in your garbage cans: take it out! It’s also important to wash out the physical cans every so often and spray if the odor is pungent.


Carpets are where the vacuum comes in. Make sure all carpets and rugs are appropriately cleaned and fluffed.

Natural light

People want to see bright homes. Make sure all curtains and drapes are open to reveal sparklingly clean windows and tons of sunlight.


If dishes are out, be sure to put them in the dishwasher or wash them and put them away. If laundry is out, put it in a hamper that stays in your closet or put it in a washing machine.

Source: Inman

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