What to Ask a Seller

When looking for the right home, it’s important to know what questions to ask. Once the seller has moved out, so has all of the knowledge they have about the home and neighborhood you’ll be living in.

Feel free to ask these questions yourself or to ask via your agent. Either way, be sure to ask before it’s too late!

The Past

It’s important to have a lot of information about a home’s history. The law obliges sellers to tell the buyer many things, but there’s more to a home’s past. Some things you should consider inquiring about include whether the home was ever rented out, if anything needs regular maintenance, or if there’s anything pertinent to know about previous owners.


There are some things that only come from experience, such as the best Italian restaurant in the area or which neighbors like to babysit. Sellers have all the best information about the quirky things, and many of them are willing to go the extra mile to share the knowledge they have.


Good or bad, you’re likely to encounter some surprises after moving into your new home. Be sure to ask the sellers what surprised them when they first moved in. Even the small things can be good to know, such as which rooms get the best light or which neighbors are the most friendly.


It’s important to know how everything in your new home works- from the trash pickup to the thermostat, to the shutoffs. Also, be sure to ask about things like appliances, landscaping, and septic tanks.

Spare items

It’s a good idea to ask the seller if they have anything they don’t want to bring with them on the move. If you have your eye on a specific piece of furniture, you can offer a price to the seller. Otherwise, the seller might offer you furniture if they begin moving and realize something is too much trouble to bring with them.

Forgotten questions

It’s always safe to ask if the seller thinks there is a question you should have asked but overlooked. They might even give you their contact information if either of you thinks of something else later.

Source: Business Insider

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