What Millennial Buyers are Looking For

Millennials are the newest and most affluent group on the house hunt- but they do things much differently than the generation before them. Many are looking for luxury and are willing to pay for it, and if you’re looking to sell, you’ll need to know how to cater to this new demographic. Here are some tips:


Branding is important to millennials. That’s why they take great care to find a realtor who will place a large emphasis on their input. It’s essential to them to be a part of the conversation.


Millennials are prioritizing location over house size. This is likely because many care more about having new, varied experiences than they do about material possessions; moving to a new area allows them to experience a new culture and set of opportunities.

Show millennials the lifestyle your home offers through technology. Try methods like videos, live streamed tours, and even virtual reality walkthroughs! Millennials are big consumers of lifestyle magazines, however, so don’t forget the traditional methods of advertising.

Go the extra mile to communicate to millennials that you understand their priorities. For instance, have an open house at an untraditional time in recognition that potential buyers might be taking weekends out of town.


Millennials love to “DIY!” In order to make your listing accessible to DIY buyers, channel this mentality through the quality and location of your online listings. For example, list your home on social media platforms, like Instagram. Have a mortgage calculator right on your site so they don’t have to go far.

Source: inman

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