Water Features to Make Your Garden More Serene

Now in the midst of the hot summer, it’s the perfect time to add some water decor to your garden. Not only can it be refreshing, but it will certainly help add some zen to your space, as water is both visually and aurally relaxing.

Here are a few ways to infuse water features into your garden:

Inside Garden

Create a garden inside! Place some flowers or plants in a vase or pot. You can also create an aquarium; use not only water plants, but fish or frogs too. An aquarium can mimic a larger peaceful environment, like a koi pond or natural ecosystem.

Capitalize on Rainfall

If you don’t want to set something up from scratch, capitalize on rainfall. Try using a copper rain chain instead of your downspout for a beautiful effect. You can also make a small creek that will look like a pond after it has rained.

Tub Ponds

Underground ponds can be quite labor intensive, and for those with disabilities or severe pain, their installation might not be doable altogether. Instead, consider a tub pond. This means getting creative and using whatever you have around- that won’t leak- to create a pond. It could be a bathtub, but it could also be a wine barrel, feeding trough, or something you’ve made yourself for this specific purpose. Make sure you place it in the shade to avoid algae growth. It’s also important to add a pump to keep the water clean.

Free-Standing Water

You can purchase free-standing water features that look beautiful and will run water if they are connected to a power outlet. There are many to choose from! And if you don’t like any that are for sale, you can always make your own.

Hidden Basins

Go pondless! You can have running water without having a pond that it runs into. Instead, pondless features work by using a hidden basin. When the water falls from your structure through rocks, it goes to the basin and is then pumped back up. There are a number of kits available that are complete with everything you need.

Source: Zillow

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