Top Benefits to Living in the Suburbs

There’s no question that cities provide entertainment and dining options galore, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. However, one aspect of American life is drawing more and more attention, even amongst millennials: the suburbs. 

Here are some of the top benefits to living in the suburbs:


Suburbs offer more space to spread out. The closer you get to a city center, the smaller the living spaces tend to be. While this may be doable for some single professionals or couples, it can be a daunting task to a family. 

The Crowds

While you may have to commute a little farther when you live in the suburbs, that’s the only time you’ll have to deal with the crowds of the city. Suburbs have less people per square mile, which means less congestion. One overlooked component to a reduce population density is that the area’s schools typically have a better student-to-teacher ratio.


With more space and less people, the suburbs offer more privacy compared to city living. This is particularly true when comparing the housing communities of suburbs with the condos of urban developments.

Amenities are Closer than Ever

As the population in suburbs has grown and changed, so have the selection of amenities. From entertainment venues to organic markets, New Urbanism is bringing more variety and options to suburban residents- and they’re easier to access than ever.


While some cities like Austin and San Diego have a fair amount of green space, that isn’t always the case in a big city. Greenery and nature is a given in suburbs, and for outdoor lovers, it’s a perfect fit. Many communities even have their own hike and bike trails for area residents.

Source: Square Cow Moovers

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