Tips for Hosting an Awesome Summer BBQ

One of the best things about summer are the barbecues! In addition to giving you an opportunity to make the most of your backyard, hosting a BBQ is a great way to bring family and friends together while enjoying the summer weather.

Want to make sure your barbecue is a success? Here are a few tips.


Pick a theme and follow through! Decorate and select menu items according to the theme you select.


While the food is being grilled, your guests might need some entertainment. Put out some lawn games, such as badminton.


Move beyond the barbecue standard of hot dogs and hamburgers. Try adding seafood and vegetables to the mix as well to provide your guests with some much-needed variety.


When grilling, it’s important to be cautious of food safety. Avoid salmonella by making sure meat is fully cooked by using a food thermometer. If you’re concerned about using charcoal and lighter fluid, use natural wood instead.

When thinking about the flavor, let the meat cook without moving it around too much. The flavor will come out naturally.


Start preparing roughly 24 hours in advance. Letting meat marinate for a long time will give it great flavor.


Think about what your guests would like. Would they prefer wine over the classic beer? Would they prefer a good cut of meat to a regular burger? Paying attention to these small details will make all the difference in the world.

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