Summer Staycation Ideas

Summer is well-known as the most popular season for vacations- but you don’t necessarily have to spend time away to take a break and do something new.

If you’re planning a staycation for your whole family, there are a ton of things you can do to enjoy the time off and see your home in a new light. Here are a few ideas:


Hit the backyard with some tents and sleeping bags. Learn about the plants and the constellations. And don’t forget about roasting marshmallows over a fire!


If your family likes competition, have your own Top Chef! If not, go to a local grocery store or farmers’ market and pick out an ingredient you don’t usually use.

Set up a carnival

Have a carnival in your own backyard. Set up some games and whip up your carnival favorites, like corn dogs and cotton candy.

Expand your horizons

Take the opportunity to learn about a new topic through an online class, or a new craft or outdoor game. You’ll feel so accomplished.


Construct a fort. Get creative and see how many tunnels and levels you can create.


It’s hot out, so make water a part of your staycation! Water balloons, kiddie pools, slip n’ slides, hoses: do it all!


Get crafty! Tie-dye is a summer classic, but there are so many other options. If you’re on a tight budget, grab some sidewalk chalk and get creative.


Try a scavenger hunt! Set up clues for your family and even expand the hunt to the entire neighborhood.

Source: Zillow

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