How Springtime Home Buyers Can Stand Out

Because spring is the most popular time to go house hunting, it’s important that you do whatever it takes to stand out amongst the myriad buyers looking for a new home. Don’t be intimidated by the crowds; arm yourself with some tips to give yourself a leg up.


A great way to have an edge is to show a seller that you’re ready to pay. Offer the asking price or do thorough research on the property’s worth in order to make a good offer. If you’ll need a loan, get pre-approved by someone in the area, rather than online.


Don’t worry about the seller’s reason for putting the house on the market. Focus on the important aspects of the property to make your decision: the location and its pertinent features.  Foreclosure or short sale shouldn’t stop you.

Your Realtor

Choose a realtor who lives in the vicinity. He/she will have a ton of knowledge about the area. Additionally, they will likely have a positive relationship with the listing agent, which could really help the sale.

Stand Out

It’s not only money that talks: offer the seller something extra that doesn’t come with a price tag.  Realtors have a lot of great ideas for going the extra mile, so ask yours what they’d recommend.

Source: The Balance

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