Should You Stage Your Home?

Home staging was unheard of in the past. But recently, more and more people have started hiring people to stage their homes, which has set the bar quite high.

But how do you decide whether hiring a stager is the right thing for you to do? Here’s everything you need to know.

What they do

Essentially, stagers are interior designers who maintain the goal of optimizing your home features. Instead of tailoring things to your personal preferences, however, a stager makes your home appeal to the broadest audiences. They want to make others want to buy your home.

There are a few ways in which they do this. They begin by assessing every aspect of your home and working with you to come up with a plan and budget. Next, they figure out how to emphasize your home’s best features and minimize its shortcomings. They’ll let you know which pieces of furniture and decor should stay on display and which should be taken out of the house during showings. Contrastly, they’ll bring pieces into your home that they think will enhance its aesthetic. They’ll assist in facilitating repairs, as well as take care of any last touches.

Make sure everything you want your stager to do is included in the agreement both of you sign.

How it helps the seller

Staging is clearly advantageous to the seller, no matter the market. If it’s slow, buyers can take their time to select only the most beautiful home. If it’s a hot market, a house must be beautiful in order to compete. Statistics show that buyers often overlook complications or the home’s actual worth if they love what they see.

Can you DIY?

Of course, those who have a skill and love for decorating may prefer to do this themselves. But is it worth it to handle all the logistics on your own? The tasks are often quite time-consuming, but in the end, it’s up to you.

Source: NOLO

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