Should You Buy a HIstoric Home?

Different buyers are looking for different things. While some want a brand new home with innovative appliances and a fresh coat of paint, others prefer the charm and history of an older home.

Historical homes definitely have an allure. Here’s what you need to know about them before deciding whether you want to buy one.


Preservation is a top priority for historic homes. This task is taken on by zoning and planning commissions. This means that any desired renovations, particularly to the exterior, will need additional approval. Especially if your house is older than 100 years, you might not be able to make your desired improvements at all. Talk to an architect and folks who work for the town to be sure about the kinds of improvements you can make and how much they will cost you.


If you buy a house that’s not in great shape, you might be tempted to repair features in a way that’s authentic to how they were originally built. But the exact features, like the original wainscoting for example, may be very hard to come by. Architectural salvage companies may be able to help, but the price is generally steep.


Obviously, historic homes weren’t built with all the features and updates desired in homes today. Thus, they often need a lot of repairs just to be in living condition, which can be a heavy burden. If you’re not going to do large repairs when you first move in, at least be prepared to do regular repairs when the need inevitably arises.

If you’re prepared to put a ton of time, energy, and money into your home, then a historic property will be manageable. And if it’s worth it for you, then you’ll get a lot of joy out of your beautiful home.

Source: Zillow

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