Selling Your Home This Fall? Inviting Staging Ideas to Get Your Home Sold

The cool temperatures that quickly returned to us this week, conjure up those comforting images of brilliantly turning leaves, warm apple cider and toasty fires at the hearth. If you are selling your home this Fall, you’ll want to capture the essence of those images and create a warm & inviting atmosphere for potential buyers looking to place themselves in the home of their dreams.

Here are four ways to capture Fall’s appeal in your home:

Amp your curb appeal – Keep the lawns neatly trimmed and free of falling leaves and twigs. Add mums to pots at your entryway and throughout your landscaping. Many of the local nurseries, and even grocery stores, are full of mums at great prices right now. A few gourds and pumpkins tucked in and about creat a rustic, uncomplicated feel.

Declutter & Shine on – Put away some of the knick-knacks, collections and items not being used at this time of year. Store away the pool toys & flip-flops. Change out some of your family photos and rearrange them in smaller vignettes with candle sticks and miniature gourds & pumpkins. Use a spray mix of vinegar & water for a streak-free shine on your mirrors and windows.

Bring the scents of Fall indoors – Nothing says “You’re Home” like the wafting aroma of simmering orange peels, cloves & cinnamon sticks from the stove top. Or just before an open house or showing appointment, simply warm an apple or pumpkin pie in the oven. Let cool on the kitchen counter with Fall décor paper plates, napkins & a note inviting the prospective buyers to partake in a warm slice before leaving. Pie too messy? Cinnamon Snickerdoodle cookies are an easy grab-n-go treat while still leaving the buyers with a warm feeling of “home”. Use scented candles & sprays sparingly, as some can be over-powering and irritating to those with allergies.

Use Fall inspired accent pieces – Change out some of your throw pillows with ones using Fall colors or nature inspired designs. Paint an accent wall with a Fall-inspired hue. Use softer-glow light bulbs to cast a gentle, warm light. Spruce up the fireplace mantle with real or imitation leaves found at the craft stores & some miniature pumpkins. Of course, having a fire lit in the fireplace is the best Fall accessory there is! Just be sure you will be back very soon at the end of an open house or showing appointment. Never leave a fire unattended.

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