Selling Your Home in the Summer

The start of summer is right around the corner! If you’re thinking of selling a home during this season, it’s crucial to know what the top tips are. This can be an awesome time to sell a home, between the increased number of interested buyers to better weather, and you’ll want to make the most of it.

Here’s how to sell your home in the summer:

Prepare the exterior

The exterior and curb appeal of a home can give a potential buyer a good idea of what to expect in the interior. Make sure it’s clean, crisp, and attractive by mowing the lawn, trimming bushes and shrubs, weeding and mulching the flower beds, touching up exterior peeling paint, and cleaning up the front door.

Highlight outdoor living space

Summer is a short season in many areas of the country, so many buyers spend as much time outside as possible. It’s common for buyers to place a premium on a great outdoor lying space, so highlighting the outdoor space is a great way to impress potential buyers. Help buyers envision themselves spending time relaxing outside.

Address necessary repairs

If your home has an old roof with visible damage, not addressing this prior to listing could result in you losing out on a fair amount of money from the sale. Make necessary repairs before you list your home, as this will reduce the chances that a buyer will request a lot of repairs be made after a home inspection.

Keep the home cool

Make sure to keep your house cool, at least while it’s being looked at by potential buyers. If you don’t have central air, consider installing window air conditioners, turning on ceiling fans, keeping lights off and blinds drawn prior to showings, and placing floor fans around the house.

Home staging should reflect the season

Place bright flowers on a dining room table. Plant bright flowers in a window box. Light summer-scented candles. These relatively simple and cheap ideas will make your home stand out!

Source: Rochester Real Estate Blog

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