Saving Money on Winter Heating Bills

Unless you do something to reduce your heating bills, rising energy costs are sure to make this an expensive winter. While you don’t want to have to suffer through a cold winter without any comfort in your home, breaking the bank shouldn’t be your only alternative.

Here are some tips to saving money on winter heating bills:

Seal your chimney flue when not in use

Leaving your chimney flue open when not in use is the same as opening your window several inches. Make sure your dryer vent closes properly as well.

Use fans

It may seem counter-intuitive, but using your fans appropriately in the winter is a great way to cut your energy bill. If you set your fans on low to circulate air upward toward the ceiling, the warmer air will rise and get trapped at the ceiling downward, leaving your house feeling warmer.

Keep vents and radiators clear

Ensuring your vents aren’t blocked by rugs or furniture will allow air to circulate freely. This will ensure you’re getting the full benefit of the warm air and put less strain on your furnace. Make sure you don’t have any large objects in front of your radiator as well.

Pay attention to windows

10-25% of your house’s heat loss can be attributed to windows. Open curtains and shades on south-facing windows during daylight hours to allow the sun’s heat to enter your house and warm it.

Change air filters

Clean air filters permit a better flow of air through your heating system, allowing hot air to more easily flow through the vents and into your rooms. You’ll also reduce the strain on your furnace, which can extend its life.

Source: CashMoneyLife

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