How to Save Money Around the House

Life can get expensive- there’s no question about it. It can feel like there’s an endless number of things that need to be replaced or bought for the home. 

Thankfully, there’s hope for your bank account! Take these simple steps to save money around the house:

Update fixtures and doors

Consider looking into custom interior doors that help seal off parts of the house that don’t get as much use. There’s no need to run fans or spend money trying to heat or cool guest rooms, unused office space, or storage. Doors that lead into unfinished attics are especially important, as these are major points where air can escape, making HVAC units work overtime.

Meal planning

Spend as little as 30 minutes per week scheduling out the meals for the entire week. Write down the ingredients for each meal and confirm what you have to avoid over-buying. Mealtime will be so much easier with a little pre-planning.

Switch to energy-saving light bulbs

Although the initial cost of energy-saving bulbs is usually higher than normal light bulbs, they last longer and are a stronger overall investment. This is an inexpensive way to lower electricity costs while making a positive impact on the environment.

Turn off electronics that aren’t in use

As much as 2/3rds of your home’s electricity costs could be wasted on inefficient light fixtures and devices not in use. Simple changes, like turning off the TV when no one’s watching it or putting laptops into power-saving mode, will go a long way.

Source: Financial Buzz

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