RealtorMag says now is the time to sell

There was an interesting story posted recently online at RealtorMag, the official magazine of the National Realtors Association looking at the housing market from the perspective of the potential seller. From their article:

“There’s such little inventory that my joke is it’s like the last shrimp at the buffet at a cocktail party and everyone’s jumping on it to try and get to it,” Boston-area real estate pro Ken Snyder told American Public Media.

The story notes that inventories are at 13 year lows, which has helped spur the market and made this a great time for those considering selling their home.

The shortage in inventory, with new construction still at a fifty year low, has driven home prices up creating even better news for sellers. We are seeing that locally with many properties receiving multiple bids from buyers reflecting the national trends.

You can hear more by listening to the audio in this story as realtors ask, “What can I do to get you OUT of that house?” And of course if you’re looking to get out of your house, you can get more information by contacting Anne Koons.

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