Quick Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

When selling a home, it’s important to draw buyers in with the way your home looks from the outside. Curb appeal matters!

Increasing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t need to be an expensive and drawn out process. Here are some tips.


While this may seem to go without saying, there’s more to do than just sweeping the leaves from your porch or trimming the bushes. To make sure you’re able to do a thorough job, devote a weekend to getting it done. Use your hose to clean the driveway and sidewalk, and a power washer to clean your home’s exterior. When it comes to your windows, combine detergent and warm water to clean outside and in.


Shutters are an easy way to emphasize your home’s windows and make them appear larger. They also can add some nice color if your home is primarily a single color. Consider adding them to your home!


Another way to make your home aesthetically pleasing is to add an accent color to places like your front door, trim, or shutters. It’s pretty cheap to buy a gallon of exterior paint.

Front door

Not happy with your front door? No need to replace it. Other options include adding molding or metal numbers. If you don’t want to put a house number on your door, get creative! Try painting it onto a large pot or hanging it on your porch’s stair riser.


New light fixtures outside can do wonders to make your home bright and welcoming. They can be fairly inexpensive, too.

Porch furniture

It’s time to put away bright patterns and go for the neutrals instead. This will allow buyers to envision what their things would look like on your porch, rather than being fixated on your flamingo pillows.


Here are some other little things you can do: replace your mailbox, plant some trees, build a tree bench, put in a flower box, and cover up unappealing features (such as your air conditioner).

Source: Zillow

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