Prepare Your Home for the Summer

Spring is in full swing and summer is quickly approaching, and while it’s tempting to put off needed repairs for the season until it’s underway, I’d recommend against it. Once summer rolls around, everyone will be looking to hire contractors- if you opt to make repairs now, contractors will be able to offer competitive pricing to you.

Furthermore, addressing needed repairs as they occur will ensure that they don’t slip your mind once summer is here, and that you’ll be entertainment-ready as soon as family and friends are over for your first summer bash.

Here’s how to prepare your home for the summer:

Winter problems

Assess the effect that winter had on your home. Even if the damage is small, fix it before it gets worse. Keep an eye out for water damage, as it can ultimately lead to mold.


Check on the siding and trim of your home. If it needs to be repainted, the prep work can take about a week. It’s important that the painting get done while the weather is dry and between 50 and 90 degrees.


Make sure your attic is insulated, a task you don’t want to do in the blazing heat of the summer. It will ensure that air conditioned air does not escape through the top of your house. It will also help ensure that heated air does not escape in the winter.


Summer will be hot! Make sure all your cooling appliances are functioning well before the heat really hits.


If you want to plant trees, now is the time because roots prefer cool soil. Make sure you prune trees and shrubs and prepare your lawn by aerating, spraying for weeds, and checking your irrigation systems.

Outdoor features

If there’s anything you want to do outside, such as work on your deck or pool, take care of that soon. That way, it will be ready for you as soon as you want to use it.

Big improvements

If you’re thinking of doing a large home improvement, such as an addition, it’s important to start early. These projects can take months and you want to do it while the weather is good.

Source: U.S. News

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