How to Pick a Public Park

The best public parks provide calm, escape, and a chance to recover with friends and family or by yourself. You can take a deep breath of clean air, read for hours, play wiffle ball, sit on a bench- you name it. 

If you’ve moved to a new area and aren’t sure of which nearby parks are worth spending time at, or are considering different homes in part based on the area’s park system, there are a few tips you can utilize in deciding what matters to you.

Here’s how to pick a public park:


You should never feel unsafe in a park. It should serve as a sanctuary, allowing you to visit and hang out without feeling threatened in any way. Park security should also be present, but not overbearing.

Walking Paths

Whether you’re a big walker or not, the ideal park should have lots of walking paths for meandering. It says a lot about the area, and provide options for funneling traffic away from crowded places.


A park is only as good as its upkeep. This is primarily about park-goers being diligent, picking up their garbage and putting it in the proper waste receptacle, not just tossing it on the ground.

Public Art

Whether it’s a temporary public installation or permanent statues, the best parks feature art that enriches the area and reflect the culture of the surrounding community.

Cultural Events

Urban and suburban parks are a celebration of civic life, and they should feature vibrant event schedules that include everything from local musicians to readings. Make sure your park has these kinds of events in spades.

Source: Global Citizen

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