New Rules for House Hunting

For the most part, COVID-19 has radically changed the structure of the real estate industry. Even as states start to reopen, buyers should expect a different house hunting experience than they would have had before the pandemic.

If you’re planning on buying a home in the near future, it’s important that you have an idea of what to expect as you begin to tour homes and place offers. Here are some new rules for house hunting:

Consider video tours

While video tours aren’t your only option anymore, they’re still a handy tool to use. They can help you rule out potential listings and limit your exposure by only seeing a few of your top-choice listings in person.

Be prepared for paperwork

You may need to fill out some kind of paperwork before going on any showings. Each state is setting its own guidelines for real estate practices, and some are making buyers fill out new forms related to the virus.

Keep your time table flexible

Some states have rules in place that stipulate that showings need to be spread out in order to reduce the risk of transmission. You may not be able to see the home at the exact time you’re hoping for, and you may need to accommodate certain time frames.

Bring your own mask

It’s a good practice to wear a mask during showings. Your real estate agent will likely be wearing one as well. You’ll want to reduce your risk of spreading something to the homeowners, as well as protect yourself from risk of infection.

Go in strong

If you find a home you like, be prepared to make a strong offer on it. Many markets across the country are experiencing an influx of buyers. Many buyers who put off their home searches during the worst of the pandemic have recently decided to start looking again.

Source: Forbes

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