Myths About Moving

Thinking about moving? If you make the leap, you won’t be the only one doing it- once someone reaches the age of 18, they’re likely to move at least another 9 times in their remaining lifetime. Moving is a natural part of life, and one that many people dread. 

If you follow some of the established best practices and avoid the most common pitfalls for moving, however, you’ll find the transition to be much easier. Here are some of the top myths about moving:

Labeling boxes is a waste of time

If you choose not to label your boxes, you’ll be plucking your hair at the new place! The little extra time you’ll spend labeling your boxes on moving day will save you hours when arranging your new place. Furthermore, if you have your boxes properly and decided to hire movers, they’ll be able to put them in the proper room when moving into your new home.

All movers are the same

Do your homework and research the moving companies you’re considering. Compare their services, rates, and reputation, and you’ll see that there are many reputable (and many non-reputable) movers out there. Consider checking with the FMCSA and BBB to give yourself some peace of mind when considering whether to hire movers.

Moving is a disaster

So long as you make the decision to plan out your move ahead of time, it’ll be completely manageable. Proper planning ensures smooth relocations, saving you time and money (and quite a bit of headspace).

Boxes are all the same

Professional moving boxes are more durable than standard cardboard boxes, handling heavy items and protecting your fragile items with ease. Be sure to also get a range of box sizes for the different items you’ll be transporting.

Moving is a time for reminiscence 

Stay in the present! Don’t bring more drama into your move by reminiscing- thinking about the past will inevitably bring back bad memories along with the good. Moving can be exciting, and you’ll get more out of it if you stay focused and move through the process.

Source: My Moving Reviews

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