Make Your Home Into Hibernation Station

With the weather outside gray and gloomy, it’s important to make your home feel warm and welcoming. Turn your home into the ultimate hibernation station!

Channel one of these three aesthetics to keep yourself warm and comfortable all winter. Here’s how to construct them:

The British Study

This atmosphere is filled with numerous shelves of books, fluffy couches, and brass sconces. It’s ideal for spending a long day reading or sipping on some tea.

While built-in bookcases would be best, they can often be quite pricey. A great alternative is obtaining a couple of flat-pack units and arranging them together. Stuff them with as many books as you can.

Of course, not everyone has access to a leather tufted sofa. The good news is that almost any loveseat arranged by the bookcases will be helpful. Use round bolsters instead of square pillows to complete the look.

Try to find a vintage rug as well! In terms of light, look for sconces or clip-on downlights. Floor lamps will also add to the look.

Scandinavian Chalet

This clean and rustic aesthetic will make you feel like you’re in a ski lodge. The look is best achieved with white walls and lots of wood. If you have a fireplace, decorate the walls around it with pine boards, which can be painted or stained.

Employ a jute rug to define space. Add some upholstery and furniture to the area, capitalizing on the rug’s texture and style. For lighting, try some large paper lanterns.

Boho Nest

This aesthetic includes a lot of warm colors, art, and plants. To do this, layer, layer, layer! Layer rugs, throws on couches, and mixed-media art.

Start by painting at least one wall a deep or earthy tone. You can add large curtains to the walls as well.

In terms of art, create a gallery wall. Additionally, consider hanging different types of sculptures and plants.

Source: Zillow

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