Kitchen Upgrades to Avoid

There’s a reason people say that the kitchen is the heart of your home. Even if you’re not a fan of cooking, it’s likely the room where you gather with family and friends. It might also serve as your home office, and having a kitchen that’s functional and appealing is probably high on your priority list. 

While a creative kitchen remodeling can let you dream big, not everything sold as an upgrade is necessarily an improvement. Here are a few ideas from which you may want to steer clear:

Ceramic flooring

While it looks great and can be quite durable, hard ceramic is not the type of flooring you want to stand on for long periods. Furthermore, any dropped dishware is more likely to shatter on ceramic than softer flooring options.

Wrong appliances

Don’t splurge on professional-grade appliances just because that’s what the magazines show. Similarly, don’t think you can save money by buying the cheapest appliances available on the market.

Cheap cabinets

While they may look nice, cheaply-made cabinets are quick to show wear and tear under heavy use. Consider freshening up your existing cabinets with new paint or hardware instead.

Single overhead lighting

The perfect hanging light for your kitchen may not be an upgrade if it’s the only lighting you have planned for the room. Instead, spread your money around, spring for a dimmer and include under-the-counter lighting which will eliminate shadows.

Built-in coffee machines

For the average coffee drinker, it’s hard to justify the price tag on built-in machines that can typically range from $2,500 to $10,000. Beyond losing valuable kitchen space, the jury is still out on whether the coffee tastes any better.

Source: Forbes

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