How to Write a Great Home Listing

The listing for your home is the first stop any potential buyer will take on the path to buying your home, so it’s crucial that it successfully tells the story of your home. While many people prefer their agent to tackle this task, you might have decided to write one on your own. Here are some tips:


It’s important to walk the line between being too descriptive and not descriptive enough. Leave out fluffy and vague language in favor of specific details. For instance, instead of talking about a “spacious property,” list the number of acres your home sits on.

With that said, don’t forget to be concise: buyers won’t spend a ton of time reading your listing. Place the most alluring aspects of your property or neighborhood at the beginning.

Word Choice

According to research conducted by Zillow, there are certain buzzwords that have a tendency to attract buyers. These words include: “luxurious, captivating, impeccable, stainless, landscaped, granite.” Of course, you should be honest about your listing, but if these words apply to your home, don’t be afraid to use them!

There are also words shown to turn off buyers. These include: “move-in ready, clean, motivated, value.” It’s also important to forego exclamation points and words in all caps.


Brands are important to a lot of people. If a feature in your home is brand-name, say it in the listing!

Avoid redundancy

Basic stats about your home, such as the number of bedrooms- will already be in the listing. Don’t waste description space repeating yourself, unless that is a defining feature of your home.

Facilitating imagination

Help people picture themselves in your home. For example, instead of noting that you have a pool in the backyard, say something like “backyard pool for hot summer days.” This will help buyers to imagine themselves in the pool in the summer.


Work with your agent to create the perfect description. After all, you know your house and they know the market.

Source: UpNest

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