How to Upgrade Your Exterior

With our entrance into summer comes a wealth of new trends for your outdoor decor, and there’s been an increasingly strong focus on the backyard over the last few years. I’ve seen more and more homeowners adopt bohemian, minimalistic styles for their homes, and this is by no means restricted to the living room.

Looking to refresh your outdoor decor? Go boho and minimalistic by following the below steps:

Combining materials

In the past, materials like brass and rope were traditionally seen as indoor use only. But these elements are mixing well and looking great in outdoor spaces. Try items like chandeliers, rugs, and cushions, and for fabrics, try outdoor velvet or leather.


Scandinavian minimalism is big right now. This usually involves the use of lounge chairs, bistro tables, and loveseats in neutral colors with neutral accents. 

Make it hot

People love to be cozy on summer evenings, so it’s okay to make your outside feel a little bit like your inside. The best way to do this is with fire features or outdoor kitchens. Not only will you enjoy these belongings, but research shows that they will actually help your home sell for more.


If you want to have a pop of color in your outdoor space, add some bright accents. This season, popular colors include reds, oranges, and yellows. 

Be environmental

Going green is very in. Try a living wall of plants: not only is it aesthetic, but it reduces your carbon footprint. Another great addition is solar-powered LED accent lighting. Outdoor lighting is also very appealing to buyers if you’re thinking of selling your home in the future.

Don’t do’s

Some trends that were in in 2018 are no longer popular. Two of the biggest trends to abandon are matching patio sets and the rustic farmhouse look. There’s so much cool furniture out there, so there’s no need to buy matching sets. Similarly, there’s no need for a weathered wooden table. It’s time to upgrade!

Source: Zillow

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