How to Organize Your Garage

While many of us have the best intentions for keeping common spaces in our homes clean and organized, busy schedules can kep us from staying on top of making these places accessible. Garages seem to fall victim to this tendency more than any other space in the home.

If your garage is in need of organizing attention, dedicate a weekend day to giving that space a makeover. Here’s how:

Set Time Aside

You’ll find the work goes by quickly if you can give your garage a full day of your attention. Pull out everything that’s in the way and create zones for items that a) can be recycled or trashed, b) need to organized and put back into the space, or c) should be donated.

Be Prepared

One of the most common mistakes people make in organizing their garage is not having the right storage items. When garage cleanup day has arrived, make sure you have enough trash bags and cans, basic cleaning supplies, empty boxes for donations, and plastic containers.

Start Small, Go Big

Working in your dedicated category zones, gather like-minded supplies so you’ll be able to focus on more detailed organization. With similar items together, it can help you better address what should or shouldn’t stay in the garage. 

Go Vertical

When looking to give your garage storage items a home, think vertically. Pegboards, cabinets, and overhead storage are all great options for getting important tools off the floor.

Designate the Space

After organizing and cleaning your garage, keep a handle on future organization by giving family members space of their own to drop off supplies, bikes and more. Consider cubbies for each person with hanging hooks, benches, or baskets to address their needs.

Source: DIY Network

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