How to Manage Closing Time

You’ve overcome the difficulty of house hunting and have finally found your future home- congratulations! If you’ve gone through the bidding process and attorney review, you’ll find yourself in the closing period. It can be challenging to figure out which steps should be taken while you’re in this transitional phase, but there are some best practices you can utilize to make the most of your time.

Here’s how to manage closing time for your new home:

Schedule renovations

You’ll likely have work you want to do on your new home, so why not get a jump on it? Make a list of all the renovations you want to make and try to get contractors in the home to get you estimates as soon as possible. You can generally do this during the final walkthrough or at a time you prearrange with the seller. You can try to get smaller projects accomplished before you even move in.

Get utilities

It’s a safe assumption that the previous owners are going to cancel their utility services before they move out. While some companies offer a grace period, you don’t want to move into a house without water or electricity. Call utility companies in advance and have something set up. 


The rule of thumb is that changing the locks is the first thing you do when you move into a new home. You don’t know which repairmen, real estate agents, or friends of the prior owners may have the key. For safety, it’s best practice to call a locksmith and take care of that right away.

Get things cleaned

You never know what the seller is planning to clean before they leave. They might do a mediocre job or not even clean at all. To preempt moving into a dirty home, hire a cleaning crew to come in right after closing. That way, you’ll know you’re moving into a fresh place.

Have help ready

Moving involves so many logistics you wouldn’t think of, such as making sure artwork on the wall is straight or positioning your furniture just right. Have the number of a good contractor or designer on hand who can help you out the minute you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Source: Zillow

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