How to Live in a Staged Home

It can be extremely stressful to live in a home that you’re showing. It’s a lot of pressure to keep a house staged at all times, especially if your ability to sell your home depends on it being in tip-top shape.

If you have to be ready for prospective buyers to drop by, however, there are some steps you can take to reduce the stress involved. Here are a few:

Stay elsewhere

At least at the beginning of the home-selling process, it can be helpful to stay with family or friends (or at a hotel or Airbnb if you can afford it). If it’s not possible for the entire time your home is being shown, try taking a long weekend in the beginning.

Adjust your mindset

When your house is being shown, you’re not “living” in it the same way you’re used to. You have to set your expectations and think of your home as a friend’s vacation home that you’re borrowing for a few days. You can also think of it as camping. It will help you acclimate to the change in lifestyle while your home has to stay staged.

Advanced warning

Talk to your agent about how much time you need in advance to know that someone is coming to view your home. You might need to take your kids and pets out of the house for a while; so decide how much time you need to prepare everything properly.

Watch splatter

Cooking can create a lot of mess, especially when foods are prone to exploding in ovens and microwaves. Think about ordering meals that are neat and don’t create a mess.


People love to see a clean shower. Instead of having to clean and hand dry your shower every time you use it, try showering at the gym. Similarly, rely on a hairdresser to shampoo and do your hair instead of having to create a mess all over your bathroom.

Hide necessities

For the items you need to use on a regular basis, place them in bags or containers and hide them away in relatively accessible places.

Pay attention to minutiae

While you should also hide away cleaning and gardening tools, don’t be afraid to get them out when you see the slightest imperfection. Your house can never be too beautiful.

Stager’s furniture

If you have rented furniture from a stager, protect it diligently. It only takes one bit of food to lose a security deposit. Use furniture covers and avoid contact with the furniture altogether, if possible.

Maintain routine

Living in a staged home can be especially hard for children and pets. With dogs, it’s essential to keep them on the same food. Changing their diet can lead to accidents on a rented rug.

Use a cleaning service

If you’re tired of constantly cleaning and tidying, consider hiring a service if financially possible. This will ease some of your stress.

Source: Inman

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